"We are SOGA, a creative agency and management platform that empowers those with the vision to bring the past into the future - tendens in posterum"


Mission Statement

At SOGA we are at the forefront of the fourth industrial paradigm.

As thought leaders in blockchain, we have deep expertise in digital innovation as it relates to the music and entertainment industries.

Our aim is to bridge the music and entertainment industries with blockchain technology.

Our mission is to create truly impactful cultural moments using ideas that shift and content that connects.


Our Services

NFT Brokerage Service

At SOGA, we offer a bespoke Non-Fungible Token (NFT) brokerage service, advising clients through ideas to inception.

Tokenisation & Sale of NFT’s

We provide assistance in identifying what our client may be able to tokenise and then guide them through to the delivery and sale of the NFT’s.


We provide advice on registering and monetising intellectual property with companies leading the charge into blockchain technologies, allowing clients to effectively police piracy.

Social Media Marketing & Influencer Campaigns

We create strategy for social media and influencer marketing campaigns and work with micro and macro influencers to organically align the right influencers to the brand.

Aggregation of Content

We track and aggregate content across social platforms.

Relationship Cultivation

We identify and cultivate relationships relevant to the campaigns and lead communication between labels, influencers, brands and artist partners.

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